Sleeping is very important for your health and it has the biggest impact over your productivity.

Most of us have had the feeling that we need few extra hours during the day, and where could we find those extra hours if not to cut out few from our sleep? In the long run, however, cutting your sleeping hours is not the right way to extend your day. It is nearly impossible to get into your creative and productive mode while being sleepy and tired on your working desk.

If you have the flexibility to decide when to start your working day then you should try my practice. After few experiments, I decided to set the alarm at around 7 hours from the moment I get to bed.

It is individual how many hours of sleep you need to feel rested and refreshed in the morning, for me 7 hours of sleep are enough to keep me focused over my daily tasks. If I don’t have to, I don’t set the morning alarm over the weekend.

It is true that there are busy periods in which you really need to get something done and cutting a few hours of sleep can be useful. But beware, make sure that you get back to regular sleeping hours once the things are done. Keep yourself out of the “burnout zone”, it is hard and it takes time to get out from there.

What you read above is not a rule, but a reminder of something that we should all be aware of; Something I’ve drawn out from my personal experience and I like to share with you.

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